Pluto in Capricorn & Saturn in Aquarius. Abuse of social media.

Facebook has never been this aggressive with community standards…. This is the first time I’ve been instantly flagged. I tried up alter the image it didn’t make a difference. I tried to upload it as a picture, post and a comment all were immediately flagged. So here’s the meme cause Facebook can’t control my blog!!

Who is RaeReinhartz? What is a Plutonian Oracle? ..saturn sibyl? …spiritual counselor?

In the past I’ve attempted to make Montage of my work as an Astrologer but it lacked true authenticity. That was due to being apprehensive knowing that people often perceived me as dark, evil or wicked. So I tried to curb the essence of WHO I AM to appease potential audience and future clientele. I… Read More

Ghost Story time (details about one of my paranormal encounters)

As I started reading the memorial a huge wind gust rose up from the bottom of this canyon…which was kind of odd right? Lol as it did that I snapped a series of photos which the aura is clearly manifesting.

It did not identify itself as the now deceased cyclist nor an Ether but an Ancestor. And every time since I’ve passed by that location I’ve turned on my app while driving and I call out to it to say “Hi sending good vibes” and it’s come back briefly to make some random commentary. Even warning me about a death plot I barely evaded.

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