Pluto Retrograde; addressing Pluto Problems.

Pluto Retrograde; addressing Pluto Problems. When transcending your Pluto challenges, utilizing the pluto retrograde time frame is useful and important for self reflection. So during the next 5-6 months take some time to understand your pluto placement and how it influences your thoughts. Read More

Sociological trends of Psychopathy & Narcissism

 if you’ve noticed too the trendy psychology today articles about ‘toxic people’ ‘dating a psychopath’ ‘narcissistic mothers /spouses’  that is the confirmation that it’s definitely beyond mainstream, so what does this mean?  Read More

Neptune trine Jupiter; cognitive-dissonance  exaggerated & now destructive. 2017 – 2018

Stories attached Bill passed banning bulletproof glass SJW shouts on disney ride Latest relative events October 2018