Tarot on Kim John-un leader of North Korea

I casted some cards about Kim John-un’s current status;

The first image is for his medical procedure. Along with a before surgery, during the procedure and after.
Before = Swiftness
During = Fortune
After = Virtue
It details his medical procedure was successful and there were no compilations with the treatment.

The second image is his general health as of today April 26th 2020.
There is some general concern with his recovery.

My conclusions from the various spreads is Kim John-un is not dead but in recovery.

The third image reveals the fate of the current leadership of North Korea.
There will be some sort of precaution taken with the fragile state of Kim John-Un and a woman will be an advisor or successor in his absence.

Author: RaeReinhartz

Rae Reinhartz Psychic Astrologist

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