5 Days until #Mercury goes #Retrograde; March 22nd – April 16th 2018

Transit Topic;

Mercury in #Aries Rx 2018

    • Upcoming Mercury Rx

    • 14 degrees for Mercury in Aries; as of TODAY

    • Countdown FIVE DAYS before retrograde begins.

    • Mercury goes stationary; THURS MARCH 22nd 2018

    • #Mercury goes #direct; MON APRIL16th 2018

    • #Retroshade occurs BEFORE and AFTER Mercury Rx’s

    • Retroshade period began; FRI MARCH 9 2018

    • #Retroshade duration ENDS; TUES MAY 1 2018

Major Aspects

    • #Mercury-#Venus #Conjunction

    • Mercury (orb)-#Eris Conjunction

    • Mercury-Venus square #Saturn-BlackMoon-#Lilith

#MercuryRetrograde  ‘DOs and DONTs’

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Rae Reinhartz; psychic, astrologist and spiritual counselor